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Findmily, created with a mission to keep family and friends connected literally, while maintaining Privacy (no email, no phone number and no social account required).

And it’s Free (No premium plan, No In-App purchase and No Advertisements)

We love our family and friends, and we are sure you do too.

What is Findmily?

Here are what we offer


Realtime Location Alert

Add Unlimited Members

Add Unlimited Places

7 Days of Location History

Full Privacy & Control


How can I use Findmily?

Children Safety

Parenting is tough to begin with. Keeping tabs on your kids at home is easy, but it becomes a little more difficult when they venture outside. Some parents want the reassurance of knowing where their kids are, if they have arrived at their destinations safely. And this is where Findmily could come in handy.

Nothing beats having that peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

Elderly Locator

Everyone get old someday, and dementia is a common disease faced by the elderly that causes a long term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember. They could wander off and could not remember who they are, where they are going. It’s not easy for caregiver taking care of them, imagine the stress faced when the elderly wander off missing. Findmily could help prevent this.

Everything in-between

There are so many useful ways to use Findmily. Sharing your location with family and friends, setup places and get notified when they arrived Or simply just send each other a Poke!  Designed with your privacy in mind, no identification required (no email, no phone number, no social account) and it’s totally free!

Ultimately, stay connected & stay safe!

All these features and more …

Location Sharing

Share your location with those who matters, giving them peace of mind and joy

Place Alert

Receive auto notification when family member enter or exit predefined places


No personally identifiable information. No email, phone number nor social account


Yes, it’s Free. We use it ourselves and we would like to share it and benefit everyone else.


Full Control

Selectively allow who in your follower list can receive your location update. All in your control


Inform your followers when you reach a location, saving them the worry and cost of phone call or SMS


Panic Button

Inform all followers in time of emergency, so that they can reach out to you ASAP. Optional: Siren sound & Emergency call

At a Glance

See all your family members status at a glance, location and battery status

A simple, no frills Location Tracker …

News & Events

Geobal / Findmily is now a member of raiSE.

The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE was set up to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship and raise support for social enterprises in Singapore. raiSE hopes to strengthen the social enterprise sector in Singapore and encourage the growth of social enterprises as a sustainable way to address social needs.

As a member we hope to expand the reach of our initiatives and raise awareness and support for our cause!

About Us

Findmily is a Social Technology app, created with a mission is to bring family and friends closer … literally, while maintaining Privacy.

We love our Family & Friends, and we are sure you do too.

A project by Geobal Pte Ltd.

We believe in simple innovations, effective solutions that benefit society.

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