Steven and I have been talking about starting something over many cups of coffee in the café for the longest time and finally decided to put our thoughts into action. Nevertheless, we want to start something meaningful and not just going thru the motion. Steven hatches the idea of launching a GPS-tracker app to keep track of his young boys’ daily commute to school to give him a peace of mind. I thought that this might be a handy app to ensure my parent’s whereabouts during an emergency since both my folks suffer from chronic conditions.

After some discussions, Findmily was born (Find + Family). This is an app that we would personally use, with privacy in mind. We decided against charging for it and refrain from asking for any personal identifiable information from the user. This is important for us as we intend to create an open and free platform that is low maintenance and for all to use without hassle – This meant storing as little data as possible while maintaining just enough for the supported features and keeping our operation cost minimum.

In the end, we hope to create a solution that can help provide increased safety to our love ones and enhance cohesion and bonding with our family. Thus our mission “Simple Innovations, Effective Solutions”.

Stay tuned for our app release.


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