In today’s Singapore, it’s common to have both parents out working to support the Family. With Families being so busy these days, it can be tough to keep up with one another. Therefore, there are several great reasons to install and use a Location Tracking App. It gives parents a greater peace of mind to know that they could simply pull out their smartphone and see their child’s location.

Location Accuracy

In highly urbanised Singapore, every amenity is within walking distance. This has create a problem for traditional location tracking app. For example, from my home to my child’s school, it’s barely 200 meters away. Traditional app do not track with such accuracy, so my child could actually be in school, but the app would show that he is still at home. Using our algorithm, that is optimised for urbanise environment, this problem is taken care of.

Location History

Don’t we all have time where we don’t even remember where we went yesterday? This is especially true with our busy lifestyle. Things happened quickly, and we do not have time to stop and ponder. Location history serve as a great tool to help you verify upon places your child had visited, how long they had stayed, which path they had taken, etc. More importantly, it build trust and confidence among parents and children.

Location Notifier (Place Alert)

Set up virtual fence to create a “Place”, a zone in which your child frequent. It could be Home, School, Playground or any other places that you defined. This is a great tool to ensure that your child stay within the zone. You would receive an alert when your child enter or leave the designated area. You can then call and remind them if this alert falls outside their usual schedule. It’s helpful for families with child of all ages, and serve to reinforce the boundary that parents communicated to the child when they leave the home.


Do you want 3rd party to identify your child? Whether it’s for advertising or any other purposes. I guess you don’t, so do we. Therefore we designed our app to work without requiring any email, phone number nor social account.¬†Nothing that we could use to identify the end user. Privacy is the utmost concern of our users, and we make it our too.

As always, we believe that Trust is earned, and Communications is key.
We love our Family, and we are sure you do too.


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