Location tracking is always one of those things that sounds inherent bad from a privacy perspective. After all, what privacy can you have when someone knows where you are?

However, it is still a feature that no doubt will be useful for many. Parents might find it helpful to locate school going kids, a teenager heading to a party or even an elderly with dementia that might wander off.

Nothing beats having that peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

The issue really centres around Trust, and Communication is Key!

When children are young, they trust their parents almost entirely. By tracking your child’s device without their knowledge, it can erode trust very quickly. They may act defiantly, especially if they find out on their own that they’re being tracked. Respect is two way, build a strong, honest, and open relationship with them by letting them know that you will be tracking their device. Let them know why it’s important and how it benefits them. Be upfront and Communicate it!

As ever, no matter what features appear in an app, the responsibility is on the part of the user—to remain informed, to remain smart, and to use the app how they feel comfortable using it, all while keeping privacy at the forefront of their mind. A feature is neither good nor evil. Misusing it, however, will always cause privacy concerns.


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