Last summer i got a shock when I received my monthly mobile bill. My dad whose plan was tied to mine chalked up $600 dollars on data usage – apparently my brother passed dad his used iPhone which he managed to ‘unlock’ new found fun of online gaming and internet. Fortunately for me, the carrier agreed to waive off most of the cost after some tears and leg holding style pleading (thank you M1). I was understandably annoyed about this unexpected event but was also subtly happy about dad’s ability to embrace ‘technology’.

Subsequently I found out that all three carriers carry promotion plans for senior

Out of the three, only Starhub Active is a prepaid plan while the other two comes as a monthly postpaid plan. M1 plan looks the more enticing on paper by giving one free GB of data. However as they do not stop service upon maxing the data plan, you run the risk of paying up to S$188.32 for data alone. Singtel plan come with an app which you can use to control data access – I have not tried that before, but my friend who shared his plans with his family sworn by it.

StarHub Prepaid plan is the easiest to adopt as you just need to register the plan with your parent’s IC and the discount would be automatically factored in if they are aged above 55. But do note that you need to apply for data plan before turning on the data or they will run out like a flash.

Note: All StarHub Prepaid SIM cards are valid for 180 days from the activation date. Customers would need to top up the SIM before the expiry date to extend the card validity period. Otherwise, the SIM card and the remaining balances will be forfeited and no refund requests will be accepted under any circumstances.


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