Quick Start Guide

Getting Started!


Here’s a quick navigation guide to get you familiar with Findmily features and get started immediately.



How do I share my location?


Tap on “Share your Location” and you would be presented with a 4 letters invite code. Just whisper or message this code to the person that you wish to share your location with. It’s that easy.

To protect privacy, sharing is one-way only. You sharing your location does not automatically means you can view the other person location too. The other party would need to share with you their invite code for you to locate them.


How do I follow a member?


Once you have the invite code, just tap on “Add New Members”, enter the invite code and Voila! … you are now connected 🙂



Do I need GPS turn on?


Yes, you do need GPS turn on and a data capable mobile phone (or Smartphone). Findmily uses the GPS location reported by your mobile phone to update your location.


Rest assured that extensive test had been done to minimize battery consumption. We want you to enjoy your life with your love ones, and not worry about battery drain.


How do I "Check In" a new location?


Isn’t it great to let people know discreetly that you had arrived at your destination?

Simply tap on “Check In” and your current location would be broadcast to all your followers immediately.


How do I view a member's location history?


Want to know where your “following” had been all day? (up to 7 days in history). Simply tap on their name and view their history.



How do I send a "SOS" to get attention?


Need immediate ATTENTION? Tap on “Panic” / “SOS”. Your location would be broadcast to all your followers immediately.

Optionally, you could also set an Emergency number to dial and sound an “Alarm” to capture attention to you immediately.


On iOS, do I need "Background App Refresh" turn on?


Yes, this option needs to be enabled for iOS in order for Findmily to track your location in the background.

Without “Background App Refresh” enabled, Findmily could only get your location when you open the app and the result might show that you “Teleport” from location to location.

While we do believe that teleportation might be possible in the future, we are not there just yet 🙂



How do I set an Emergency phone number?


Want to call someone during an emergency?

Setup an emergency number in the “Settings”. When you trigger “Panic” / “SOS”, Findmily would call this number immediately.


How do I enable alarm sound on "Panic"?


You cannot fight a fire with water from far away!

Woo-Woo-Woo … sound an alarm when “Panic” / “SOS” is triggered. Get attention immediately from those around you!


How do I setup a "Place"?


This is one of the Best Feature you want to use, I promise  🙂

Setup “Places” where your love ones frequent and immediately get alerts when they enter or leave the “Place”. No need to open the app just to view their location, just receive notifications instead.






Do I need Wifi turn on?


Wifi?   What has Wifi got to do with location?

Short answer:

Yes, it does. Please keep Wifi on for best location accuracy.

Long answer:

Still yes, and below is the longerrrrr explanation.

GPS is the most accurate way for a phone to determine its location. But before the phone can use GPS, it has to figure out which satellites are in range, which is different depending on where on earth the phone is located and can take up to several minutes to figure out if the phone does not already know its approximate location. And it’s especially difficult and battery intensive in an urban environment like Singapore. This is where Wifi helps.

The phone “see” and measures the signal strength of all the wifi networks in range, giving an approximate distance from each wifi hotspot. So if your phone can “see” that wifi network, then you must be very close to that location. With multiple signals in range, an accurate location can be “trilaterated”. And by using this Wifi approach, it significantly reduce the battery consumption.

How does the phone know the location of the wifi hotspots in the first place though? They have been crowd-sourced using a reverse approach. When a phone encounters a new wifi network, and the phone is already aware of its location (based on GPS, cell signal, or known wifi networks), it can estimate the position of the new wifi hotspot. Note that this does not require logging on or exchanging any data over the wifi network. All the phone needs to do, are to observe are the names of the networks in range and their relative signal strength. That is then uploaded to a centralized database (Google, Apple, etc). When this happens many many times with many many phones, the locations can become known quite accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Findmily?

Findmily is a free smartphone app that helps families and close friends stay in contact throughout while maintaining privacy! With Findmily , you can view your love ones on a map, keep in touch on their location, or get help in case of emergency.

Findmily was started in 2016 with a mission to help people stay in touch with the young and elderly. These are the vulnerable groups that require our attention. Whether it’s to make sure the young ones stay in school or the elderly does not get lost, we got it covered.

We understand and respect your privacy, therefore we had make it a point not to request any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for using our service. No email, no phone number, no social profile, nothing that we can use to spam you.

Is Findmily Free?

Yes! It is 100% free of charge to download and use.

Here’s our key features:

  1. Full Privacy & Control
  2. Realtime Location Alert
  3. Add unlimited Members
  4. Add unlimited Places
  5. 7 Days of Location History

We don’t collect any personal information from you, we don’t know who you are and we don’t resell any data to 3rd parties. That’s our promise!

What data are you collecting from me?

Respecting your Privacy is our utmost concern. Therefore, we only collect location data that are required to provide our service. Not even your Email, Phone number or Social profile. Only people you explicitly shared and allowed can identify you, nobody else.

Can my followers see all my History upon adding me?

We were glad that you asked, and the answer is NO.

To protect your privacy, your followers could only see your history up till the time when you last enabled them, nothing more.

What is Place Alert?

First, we have to understand what is a “Place”?

A “Place” is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. It can be a radius around a location or a pre-defined set of boundaries.

“Place” alert allows you to setup a virtual perimeter and monitor activity in the vicinity of, for example, your Home. This allows you to monitor when members are arriving or leaving your “Place”.

Instead of actively monitoring a member Realtime Location, just setup a “Place” and be informed passively and discreetly.

Findmily allows you to customise and setup unlimited “Place” per member, so you got ultimate flexibility.

How do I improve location accuracy?

Location accuracy depends on many factors, such as your environment and your phone. At times, a highly accurate location won’t be available (some areas might have very poor signal coverage or no coverage at all).

Findmily is dependent on the mobile phone reported location to provide our Realtime Location and Place Alert Service.

In order to get the best result, we suggest the followings:

For iOS:

1. Turn on WiFi

2. Allow Notifications for Findmily

Settings => Notifications => Findmily => Allow Notifications => On

3. Allow Location Access for Findmily

Settings => Privacy => Location Services => Findmily => Always

4. Allow Background App Refresh for Findmily

Settings => General => Background App Refresh => Findmily => On